Our Program

The Elgin Athletic Training student aid program is a comprehensive academic and extracurricular activity program that enrolls students interested in athletic training and sports medicine. Student athletic trainers that have been accepted are assigned various sport assignments and are able to register for the Sports Medicine I and II classes provided at Elgin High School.  Requirements for involvement are made by the sports medicine staff.

The extracurricular feature of the program is one that requires dedication, time commitment, cooperation and ability to work with others, and willingness to work hard.  Students combine as a team to support our student athletes with care in first aid, hydration, and many other aspects of treatment.  The student aid has numerous responsibilities in assisting the staff athletic trainers as well.  This provides a hands-on learning environment that correlates with the academic portion of our program.

The Sports Medicine I and II classes serve as the academic facet to the Elgin Athletic Training program.  Students that have been accepted and have served the required amount of time after school hours are qualified to enroll in the classes beginning as early as their sophomore year.  In these classes, they can acquire in-depth knowledge of the domains of athletic training including injury and illness prevention, evaluation and anatomy, acute care, and rehabilitation.